Here you find adoptable puppies.
You can get a pricey puppy dog at a reduced price!
We also need your contract faxed to us to be put in your puppy's file.  

We cannot hold a puppy without a deposit and contract .

*This has always been posted on the payments,shipping, and delivery page; I just want everyone to be aware of our policies.
Thanks so very much! And we look forward to hearing from you!
is up for adoption!!

She was born 3/14/2006 up to date on Vaccinations **including
RABIES**, spayed and ready to find a forever family.  She is a black
white long coat Chihuahua that came to us in November in a   kennel
buy out.  

Adopted by Sarah H of Boston

Bo was bought from a BROKER in the Houston/Clear Lake area who
promised he would be 2.5 to 3lbs.  I have housed Bo for 2 years, but
he is NOT used as a stud in our puppy program as he is a MIGHTY
7lbs.  Of course this is WELL over the breed standard, but he would
make a wonderful pet.

Bo is NOT registered, as this BROKER NEVER DELIVERED THE
offered registration for him, but knowing it would be a fake and
fraudulent, I declined.  At the time this person identified herself as a
breeder, when indeed she was brokering puppies bought out of the
local papers.  

Bo is up to date on Vaccinations and rabies and you will receive all
paperwork and records for him, as well as the original contract that I
signed with this individual.

I am only asking a $100.00 rehoming fee for Bo.

Tiny Paw's Louie Vitton

Louie is sweet white with black short hair.  He has sired a
couple of litters that were not registered, and always
throws little babies.  He is just under 5lbs, and has a calm
demeanor.  He came to us in the buy out last November.  I
just have too many males right now and I am trying to
down size.  

DOB  09-07-2005

Registration APRI

Heartworm Test  NEGATIVE

FEE  $100.00
Enjoying a rub after
bath time!!

Tosh AKA ZAC has sired puppies and always
helps to throw little babies with great coloring!  
He is a black with white and brindle, and is a
great dog.  He does need some socializing, but
he also came out of the Kennel buy out from last
year.  He is up to date on vaccinations and

DOB 07-01-04

Registration APRI

Heartworm Test NEGATIVE

FEE $100.00
Tiny Paw's Blue M&M

M is an awesome little doggie.  He is always happy and loves attention.  He has only sired one litter of puppies. He is
white with BLUE markings.  He would make a wonderful family Pet.
DOB 02-01-2006
Registration APRI
Heartworm Test NEGATIVE
FEE $100.00
Tiny Paw's Sophie Girl

Sophie is an absolutely TINY and SWEET little black and brindle
female.  Sophie is very
tiny weighing in at just over 3lbs.  
Her date of birth is 08-11-2007.  She is up to date on all
vaccinations and Rabies.  We purchased Sophie from a very
good breeder friend to bring in a new line to our puppy house.  
But, she is too tiny to breed, and will be spayed before she is
allowed to leave us.  The fee will include Micro Chipping and
Spaying of Sophie.  

Sophie has been adopted by the Lisa E and  family
of Tyler, Texas