Welcome to the Tiny Paw's Boutique Page.
Everyone always asks me where I get clothes to fit my TINY and TEACUP Chihuahua
babies....Now is your chance to get them without the hassle of looking all over the place for
As with owning our tiny Chihuahua babies, I have become VERY addicted to shopping for my
babies.  I will be listing clothing, bedding, jewelery, hair accessories, and many other items
from my personal collection.  All items are NEW WITH TAGS.  You may
contact me about
these items and they will be shipped to you via USPS after payment is made/recieved.

A. Measure length of pet's back from the base of the neck to the base of the
If the measurement is between sizes, we recommend going up one size. Also,
if pet has a stout build, a deep chest, or is overweight, we recommend going
up a minimum of one size for proper fit. If the dog is long-backed, like a
Dachshund, a smaller size is recommended. The XX-small fits our babies as
puppies and the X-Small and only some of the smalls' fit our babies as adults.

Size /Fits Base of Neck to Base of Tail /Fits Necks / Fits Chests
Teacup  /  under 6" /  6"-8"  /  8"-10"
XX-Small /  up to 6" /   7"-9"  / 9"-11"
X-Small  /  6"-8"  /  8"-10"  /  10"-12"
Small  /  8"-12"  /  10"-12"  / 12"-16"
Medium  /  12"-16" /   12"-16" /  18"-24"
Diva dogs will never be under dressed in
the East Side Collection™ Evening Dress.
The Cocktail Dress is the 'little black dress'
that no dog's out or and glittery diamond-cut
accent, and ruffles Dress is the 'little black
dress' that no dog's of dotted and satin lace
at the hem. Dress of dotted and satin lace at
the hem. Dress features Velcro® tabs, and is
sure to thrill dog lovers. Hand wash in cold
water, line dry.

Quantity and Sizes Available:
Two in size XS Available.

The Polka Dot Ribbon Dress gives dogs a brunch.
polka-dotted skirt topped with a festive satin bow.
Button appeal.

Quantity and Sizes Available:
Four in size XS Available.
Costume is perfect for trick-or-treating, Halloween
parties, or easy-on/easy-off dressing, and are available
in an array of sizes to suit any dog.

Three available in XS

"Udderly Adorable" COW Costume
Here's your chance to own a cute costume for your pet!
Here's your chance to own a cute costume for your pet!
this costume is Casual Canine. It includes the This
adorable costume is size X-SMALL. The brand of
coordinating headpiece, which is shown in the picture.
The neck and chest straps as well as the headpiece all
have adjustable velcro tabs for a perfect fit. Easy to
take on and off!

Two available in XS

Super warm coat with velcro closure for an assure a
comfy fit.  **Super cute and GREAT Color
High-cut design at belly keeps dress dry. Made of

available in size XX-Small
2 available in Small

East Side Collection Pleated Plaid Jumper
Fashion-forward dogs will love our twist on the
classic plaid jumper. Our East Side Collection™
Pleated Plaid Jumpers include the addition of bright
turquoise, plus details like the silver stitching and
black buttons, to really grab attention. Easy-fit and
comfortable, made of machine-washable
One available in size XX-Small

Our Classic Gingham Dresses are made of soft,
machine-washable cotton. High-cut, stay-dry design
keeps the look fresh all-day long.

3 available in XX-Small

an easy-on, easy-off fashion.

3 available in X-Small
1 available in size Small    

Ruffled fringe sweater available in the teal color, just
right for winter and looks super sweet!
4 available in size X-Small

London Plaid Jackets Offer Town and Country Style.
With its turn down, faux black leather collar and stately
plaid design, this jacket will create a furor among your
fashion-conscious customers. Toggle fastener accents
on and belly offer a secure fit. Jackets are lined with
black fleece for added warmth and comfort. Wipe clean
with a damp cloth.
the beach, harborside strolls, or cruises. Pullover
One available in size Small
ADORABLE!  This cotton candy pink sweater is just to
die for!  You little girl will look too chic in this beauty!  
Satin bow appliqué with rhinestone details.

Our Classic Gingham Dresses are made of soft,
machine-washable cotton. High-cut, stay-dry design
keeps the look fresh all-day long.
6 available in XX-Small
4 available in Small

From everyday wear to special occasions, this little
black dress outfits pets in style. Made of pink
polka-dotted black formal with ease. Glittery black
thread woven throughout the bodice adds sparkle,
and the lacey ribbon tie at waist adds a flirty,
feminine touch. Sleeveless design features faux
pearl snap closures.

It is red velvet with three bows down the back that will
turn heads and wag tails!!  Sleeveless design with
easy-fit, velcro fasteners.  Ruffles adorn the bottom of
this great dress.  Washable fabric.  Just Adorable!

Cable-Knit Mock Twin Set will add preppy-pup style to
coordinate with matching stripes, and the two-layer
design gives the look of easy-off, and the
cotton/acrylic blend is machine washable.

One available in size Small

the dog-park in our new Back To School Rugby Polos.
activewear look. Each polo is machine-washable.  
One available in size Small

Cable-Knit Mock Twin Set will add preppy-pup style to
your doggie's wardrobe!  Vest and mock polo
coordinate with matching stripes, and the two-layer
design gives the look of layered clothing in a classic
style.  Pullover style is easy-on, easy-off, and the
cotton/acrylic blend is machine washable.
Two available in size Small

Nothing says "fall fashion" like back-to-school styles,
and our schoolyards and dog parks alike. White,
pullover dog sweater with a cozy hood for those chilly
days at the bus stop is attached to a pleated skirt in
red university plaid. Machine-washable for easy care.

One available in size X-Small

walk water; line dry.

Two available in size small
centered rhinestone rose. Velcro closure makes
dressing a
5 available in XX-Small
Coddle canines with this sweet, polka dot Baby Doll
dress. Our lightweight cotton dress is fun and
comfortable garden collar and bottom hem.
TWO available in size Medium

Dance the Night Away!
Our Tutu Party Dress will turn any diva dog into a Prima
Ballerina.  Great for parties or Halloween!  Polyester
gem accents at waist and Velcro® fasteners at belly. By
East Side Collection

Two available in size XS

Velvet Plum Lap of Luxury Dress with pearl necklace.  
Dress Pets in Luxurious Style.  Soft plum velvet
accented with a bow dog the perfect look for formal
occasions and special events. Sleeveless dress
features Velcro® closures for a secure fit.

One available in size X-Small

cool. It raises up on the belly to prevent accidents.

Two available in size Medium

Paisley Puppy Polo

2 available Small
6 available in X-Small
8 available in XX-Small

One Love Tennis Dresses are lightweight, cool and
comfortable. Hooded sleeveless top is attached to a
red pleated skirt for a sporty, yet flirty look.

4 available in XX-Small
2 available in X-Small

Rain & Shine Coat reverses to keep pets in high style,
dots and pink flowers on black cotton. Rainy day side
Velcro® closures at neck and belly keep the coat
securely fastened.

4 available in XXS
black 24" cords to complement any wardrobe.

4 available
Great for jogging or the beach.

3 available in XS

Casual Canine® Maui Flowers Bikini is two-piece for
easy movement. Comfy, practical fit: Velcro® closures
at neck and belly, plus a tail hole.

3 available in XXS
2 available in XS

low cut under the belly to allow for a comfortable and
secure fit. Easy-care Spandex can be hand-washed and
dries quickly.

4 available in XXS
3 available in XS

The cotton dress provides a cool and comfortable fit,
while the rhinestone-studded star shimmers like a
fireworks display. It says 'American Beauty'.

6 available in X-Small

Printed Tees are the fun way for dogs to show off their
own personal flair for fashion. Printed Tees with choice
of Suspenders or Tie design are the ideal attire for dogs
with attitude. Pullover style, machine-washable, cotton
tees feature a stay-dry gentlemen’s cut.

9 available in XS

Our Aria™ Sparkle Charm Gift Box features six different
collar charms, so customers can give their pets a great
look for any occasion. Charms attach securely to collar
with lobster claw clasp.

7 available

Gingham sun hat/visor with fashionable, up-to-date
colors. Elastic back strap and ear holes provide a
secure fit on any dog.
4 available in XX-Small
4 available in X-Small

keeps the look fresh all-day long.
2 available in X-Small

Casual Canine® Camo Bucket Hats are fashionable
camouflage hats in a wide-brimmed style. PINK

Casual Canine® Camo Bucket Hats are fashionable
camouflage hats in a wide-brimmed style. Multi-colored

4 available in Small

customers talking. These comfortable, pullover-style
dresses accents.

1 available in X-Small

Our Slumber Puppy Bassinets let your customers
pamper their little bundles of joy. Soft, snuggly plush
beds cradle puppies in warmth and comfort. Features
a plush canopy with eyelet-trimmed lace netting and
cutout window, along with a removable,
machine-washable inner cushion.

2 available
Ruffles & Ribbons Dresses have a casual chic look that
customers love. Pullover sundress design is trimmed in
customers love. Pullover sundress design is trimmed in
ribbons and ruffles to add a flirty, feminine touch. Made
of 100% machine-washable cotton for easy care.

11 available in XX-Small
6 available in X-Small

springtime fetes and summer soirees. This party-ready
raspberry sundress features a flirty, flounced hem, eyelet
lace trim, and ruffles on back accented with
dyed-to-match faux pearls. Velcro® closures at chest and
belly provides an easy fit. High-cut design near
underbelly keeps dress clean and dry.

4 XX-Small available

Bling-O-Lantern Tee features a mischievous pumpkin
appliqué decorated with sparkly orange rhinestones.
Made of easy-care, machine-washable cotton blend
with fitted trim and a stay-dry cut.

5 available in XX-Small
3 available in X-Small

brightly colored bows with classy springtime stripes.
Bows starburst accents add a glamorous touch.

4 available

Snowflake Ponchos
festive way to keep dogs warm. Soft, acrylic knit
ponchos have Each comes with a matching hat.

4 available in X-Small

Zanies™ Ugly Tugs feature multi-colored rope to
encourage 4 pumpkins available
4 cats available
4 frankensteins available

rope ends clean teeth as dogs play.  Has a squeaker

4 available

two handles, and a Velcro® closure. Colors and cute
pawprints inside and out allow merchandising with
other equipment in the line.

4 BLUE and 4 TAN available
Casual Canine English Rugby Sweater with Plaid Scarf
This extra-soft, thick-knit sweater with a plaid scarf
offers a scholastic and sporty look while keeping cold
out and warmth in.

5 available in X-Small

comfort.The elegant and trendy  Ruched Satin Dress is
2 available Burgandy in size TEACUP
2 available in Burgandy in size XX-Small
2 available in Burgandy in size X-Small
1 available in Green in size XX-Small

for a secure fit.A fuzzy favorite with an authentic
homemade feel, Appealing striped design is timelessly
comfortable fit
2 available in size XX-Small

This retail-ready charm refill coordinates with our
Aria™ charm comes in three different colors.

2 available in CRYSTAL
2 available in PINK

Aria Skull & Crossbones Charms
Adorable charm for your collar OR harness!!  TOO CUTE!
Rhinestone-studded Skull & Bones Charms

2 available in BLUE
2 available in PINK

Aria Rhinestone Sweetheart Collar Charms
Inspire puppy love in your customers with our Aria™
Rhinestone Sweetheart Charms. These adorable dog-
grooming accessories are sure to win hearts.
Large and BEAUTIFUL!
2 available in BLUE
1 available in CRYSTAL

Pawsitively Charming Display. Bright and colorful
2 available in CRYSTAL

look for princess pups! Crowning Touch Barrettes are
the perfect look for princess pups! These playful,
puffed-fabric crown 1 1/4" barrettes come in assorted
colors and feature rhinestone and sequined crown.  

4 assorted colors for 1.99
canine catch phrases outlined in dazzling colored
Each 2”L bone-shaped charm features a different canine
catch lobster claw clasp. The charms gleam with dazzling
red, white, and green rhinestones that are sure to turn
5 available STUD
5 available BITCH

$3.99 each
Aria Rhinestone Snowflake Charms
Give pets a sparkling look for any season with our
Aria™ Snowflake Collar Charms. Snowflake-shaped
charms are inset with rhinestones.

4 available in CRYSTAL
4 available in PINK
4 available in PURPLE

$3.99 each
These Aria™ pearl-and-rhinestone dog barrettes are set
in classic style for refined canines. Sure to be one of
your most popular dog grooming accessories.Our
elegant Aria™ Pearl Barrettes add a touch of class to
any dog’s hairstyle. Pearls and glittering rhinestones
combine for a luxurious look. Dog barrette clips are
easy to attach.

4 avaiilable in PINK
2 available in IVORY

$2.99 each
Pet Studio Dazzling Collar Charms
Our Pet Studio™ Dazzling Collar Charms feature colorful
rhinestone crowns with split rings for easy attachment to
collarsHigh-quality Pet Studio Dazzling Collar Charms
offer elegant accessories for the truly upscale pet.
Crystal Crown features colorful, sparkling rhinestones.
All others feature dazzling white rhinestones. All charms
are nickel and attach easily and securely to collars with a
1/2" split ring. .

2 of each style available

$3.50 each
Aria Flower Barrettes
and make the perfect spring grooming accent or
accessory for any pet. Attach with an easy-snap
barrette back.
5 random assorted flower barrettes for $2.99
Our Teensy Teddies have soft, snuggly bodies that are
designed to be durable and colorful. Small size makes
them colored toys to choose from. Each 7"  toy contains
a squeaker

2 random assorted Teddies for 2.99
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